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Prepaid, No-Contract Plans

We offer these prepaid plans for a variety of reasons. Each one of them serves a different need. This is why we are your one Stop-Shop for all of your wireless needs. Come to us, and tell us what you are looking for, and we will put you with the plan that fits your needs!

After its acquisition by AT&T, Cricket is now our most popular and best Prepaid plan. Cricket brings you the nation’s largest 4G network at the most affordable prices in the wireless industry. The prepaid giant is good for families who are looking to bundle their wireless services together. In fact, you can get up to 5 lines for a $100 with 10 GB to share. The best value in wireless today!

Cricket offers a varieties of plans and Cell Phones for Less offers even greater discounts on this carrier.

Page Plus is a 4G nationwide service that runs off the Verizon network. This prepaid carrier offers a variety of plans and it is our second best prepaid service. This service is good for individuals who love the Verizon coverage but hate to pay the price for it. Plans with Page Plus start at $11.99.

Boost mobile runs off the Sprint network which is not as great as AT&T or Verizon. However, Boost offers the Shrinkage program and could offer a great value for customers who tend to stay longer on their network.

H2O also utilizes the AT&T network, but it is specifically appealing to consumers who use a lot of international calling. H2O offers free $20 worth of minutes in international calling on all of its plan. However, data offering is not as good as that of Cricket.


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